The First Unsupported, Unassisted American Expedition to the North Pole

Tyler and John both began working with Outward Bound directly out of college, attracted to the powerful combination of wilderness, education and leadership.  Through experiences in the wilderness, anywhere from days to many weeks in length, Outward Bound throws strangers of all backgrounds together and empowers them to thrive while facing daily physical, mental and emotional challenges.  Typically, people limit themselves when faced with seemingly overwhelming change; Outward Bound pushes people to accept change, confront it and stay dedicated to their values as a guide.  

Outward Bound expeditions take place in the northwoods, the desert, the snow and ice, on mountains and the ocean and even in some of the biggest cities in the USA-- in all seasons and in all types of weather!  By working together in intense situations day after day, Outward Bound students can see that they affect and need each other more than they previously thought.  Through these experiences, people can realize the value of compassion and integrity and the power of leadership and commitment a better world.
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