The First Unsupported, Unassisted American Expedition to the North Pole

Chicago Tribune - Chicagoan John Huston back from icy trek to North Pole, ready for baseball 4/28/09

Chicagoan, recovering from an icy journey to North Pole, is ready for a restful spring

Chicagoans who saw or heard about the man dragging heavy tires along the Chicago lakefront to condition himself for a polar expedition may want to know the training apparently paid off. John Huston and his travel partner are believed to be the first Americans to ski to the North Pole, unsupported and self-powered.

“It was very dream-like to arrive at the North Pole after sleeping only three hours of the last 66 [hours],” Huston said tiredly by phone from Oslo, Norway. “It was a huge relief to know that we could stop skiing and go to bed. … We were almost too tired to be jubilant about it.”

Huston, 32, of Chicago and traveling partner Tyler Fish, 35, of Ely, Minn., completed their 475-mile trek to the North Pole from Canada’s Ellesmere Island on Saturday. The two veteran Arctic travelers braved fierce winds, subzero temperatures and deteriorating sea ice conditions toward the end of the 54-day journey. The pair received no additional food, fuel or supplies once the expedition started.

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