The First Unsupported, Unassisted American Expedition to the North Pole

Using their polar expeditions as a captivating vehicle, John Huston and Tyler Fish can entertain, educate and inspire a variety of audiences. Their custom multimedia presentations and workshops vividly bring people to some of the most remote places on earth. Concentrating on the optimistic potential inherent in all people and all situaions, John and Tyler place the seemingly insurmountable in an empowering, hopeful context.

•  Teamwork
•  Leadership
•  Goal Setting and Achievement
•  Working with Change
•  Perseverance
•  Motivation
•  Taking on Challenge
•  Climate Change

Presentations can be targeted to any audience Companies, Groups, K-12, College Age and Special Events.

John Huston
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Travels from Chicago

Tyler Fish
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Travels from Minnesota



You really struck a cord with all of us, and your presentation at our sales meeting tied in perfectly with our theme for 2010.
–– Manager, Automotive Manufacturing Company, Chicago, Illinois

John Huston was outstanding! We had about one hundred leaders from the Hydraulic Excavator team on hand and he delivered a home run. His expedition mirrored our arduous journey in today’s turbulent economic business conditions. We use John's example of optimism and persistence on a daily basis.
–– Paul Rivera, Caterpillar, Aurora, Illinois

BRAVO! John Huston not only captivated our company, he left us all more inspired and optimistic to achieve our own day-to-day pursuits. His presentation has it all––humor, emotion, drama, and jaw-dropping awe––and he does it with such refreshing humility.”
–– Alex Chase, Energy Solutions, Oakland, California

John and Tyler: The entire audience was captivated. Our employees gave a standing ovation and returned to their jobs inspired to tackle their own seemingly insurmountable goals. It was the best company meeting we’ve ever had.
–– Renee Hourigan, Victorinox Swiss Army, Monroe, Connecticut

John’s messages were delivered with a touch of humor against the backdrop of a fabulous multimedia presentation.  
–– Jane Anderson, Orchestration, Inc., Lisle, Illinois


John and Tyler: The evening was a great success. You taught the audience many life lessons and left them in awe.
–– Marnix Guillaume, RELATE Charity Fundraiser, Minneapolis, Minnesota

John’s presentation is at the same time both down-to-earth, and inspirational. A thoroughly enjoyable and educational experience!   
–– William Horin, A Day with Northwestern, Northwestern University

The fact that John and Tyler's quest is heroic physically is obvious. What is more subtle and profound, is the integrity their adventure relies upon and the spirit that fuels it. In sharing the stories of Tyler’s personal quest, the truths he's found become a lesson available to all.
–– Adam Hoverman, Advance Wilderness Life Support, Bemidji, Minnesota

Our Scouts learned what "Do Your Best," the Cub Scout motto, means after listening to John Huston. They will track the team’s progress via the online expedition journal.  
–– Kit Bernardi, Cub Scout Pack, Oak Park, Illinois

It was the largest crowd that I have hosted in my 15 years as programming coordinator and the first time that I have seen a standing ovation. John’s program was more than a captivating narrative of adventure and courage. He reminded us of the possibilities that we are capable of achieving and the dreams that can be fulfilled.
–– Ann MacDonald, Public Library, Glen Ellyn, Illinois

John: Thank you for a terrific presentation. We loved having you here.
–– Rev. Jane B. Lionberger, Kenilworth Union Church, Kenilworth, Illinois

Your presentation was great!!! Very, very well received. I cannot thank you enough.
–– Susan Beck, Inuit Art Society, Indianapolis, Indiana

John Huston has the amazing manner of saying, "I'm going to ski to the North Pole" without sounding far-fetched or boastful. He has the rare ability to project both modesty and bursting enthusiasm simultaneously.
–– Blogger, Chicago, Illinois

John's presentation was riveting. He reminded us all to face our own everyday challenges with optimism and passion rather than doubt the impossible.
–– Anna Banc, Alumni Committee, Northwestern University

An amazingly well prepared revisit of polar history and a remarkable look into the mindset of a modern polar explorer.
–– Rudi Hargesheimer, Midwest Mountaineering, Minneapolis, Minnesota

John spoke to a group of over 500 sixth and seventh graders -- a tough crowd. Students and teachers alike loved his presentation. A great speaker!
–– Melanie Bickley, Sycamore Middle School, Sycamore, Illinois

Both students (7th and 8th graders) and staff were inspired by his determination and persistence. Students learned that if you never give up on a goal or a dream, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.
–– Elizabeth Stock, Richard Edwards Elementary, Chicago, Illinois

We couldn't have asked for more from Tyler's presentation. He kept the students engaged and interested, and his message of optimism struck home.
–– Annie MacKenzie, Proctor High School, Andover, New Hampshire

Tyler Fish did a wonderful job speaking to our high school students on the opening day of the 2009/2010 school year. He is an inspiration to us all.
–– Kimberly Belcastro, Ely High School, Ely, Minnesota

His easy-to-understand and engaging descriptions of climate change helped to inspire the students in our K-8 school.
–– Kathy Clunis, Teacher, Boston, Massachusetts

John's philosophy of embracing challenge resonated throughout his speech, which left the students with a sense of empowerment.
–– Betsy Keller, Teacher, Chicago, Illinois

John Huston kept a hundred fifth graders intrigued for a whole hour, which is even harder than skiing to the North Pole.
–– Donna Potaczek, Williamsburg Elementary, Geneva, Illinois

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